MATES 3.0-rc2

Class DistributionPainter

  extended byorg.mates.plugins.DistributionPainter

public class DistributionPainter
extends java.lang.Object

A class for automating the painting of distributions. This class is primarily used as a screenshot_provider callback for Screenshot.saveScreenshot(Object, int, int,

Evan Sultanik

Constructor Summary
DistributionPainter( file, int width, int height, int[] degdist)
          Constructs a new distribution painter.
Method Summary
 void paint(java.awt.Graphics g)
          Paints the distribution to a graphics object.
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Constructor Detail


public DistributionPainter( file,
                           int width,
                           int height,
                           int[] degdist)
Constructs a new distribution painter.

Method Detail


public void paint(java.awt.Graphics g)
Paints the distribution to a graphics object. This function is simply a driver for StatisticsPlugin.paintDistribution(java.awt.Graphics, int, int, int[]).

MATES 3.0-rc2

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