MATES 3.0-rc2

Package org.mates.util

Interface Summary
Processor Interface for any class capable of processing parallelized requests from a BatchProcessor.

Class Summary
BatchProcessor Utility class for automatically parallelizing batch processes, using a divide and conquer technique.
BoundingBox Class for defining the bounds on a rectangle in 2D Euclidean space.
Bounds Class for defining the bounds on a region
Bundle A data encapsulator class for automating concurrent processes.
ClassCreator Wrapper for Java's Reflection API.
FibonacciHeap This class implements a Fibonacci heap data structure.
FibonacciHeap.Node Implements a node of the Fibonacci heap.
Grid A class for storing objects in a grid or matrix.
Position Class for storing a position.
Position2D Class for storing a position in Euclidean space.
PriorityQueue A priority queue implemented using a FibonacciHeap.
Screenshot A class for taking and saving screenshots of arbitrary objects.

MATES 3.0-rc2

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